Gerber Communications is a boutique marketing communications company specializing in messaging and marketing writing.

Our team of carefully selected professional writers, headed by Belinda Gerber, provides high-tech, medical, industrial, financial and other companies with highly effective marketing communications consulting and writing services.

Gerber Communications clients include some of the largest and most successful global technology companies. From startups through to established public and private companies, organizations in Israel and around the world depend on Gerber Communications for professional marketing writing and marcom strategy development.

At the most fundamental level we see our job as doing what it takes to help companies succeed. This means:

  • Developing rock-solid positioning and messaging as the basis for all marketing communications pieces.
  • Writing to the target audience’s interests and needs, while ensuring the key marketing messages are all covered in the clearest way.
  • Treating client deadlines as near-sacred.
  • Writing, writing, writing… and more writing.
  • Bringing fresh ideas to improve the effectiveness of our clients’ communications.
  • Editing and polishing client drafts and existing materials.
  • Ensuring adherence to brand style guides and naming policies.
  • Writing, writing, writing… and more writing.
  • Providing an expert outside perspective on marcom strategy and messaging.
  • Nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial client relationships – that last years, and in some cases, more than a decade.
  • Did we say writing?

Don’t talk. Communicate.

Communication channels continue to evolve; trends come and go. Whether you are reaching out to your audiences via a brochure, banner ad presentation, bylined article, blog, conference keynote address, YouTube clip, or any other channel, sound marketing writing can make the vital difference between “talking” and “communicating”.

Founded in 1997, Gerber Communications has the advantage of deep experience in all aspects of marketing writing and strategic messaging, as well as wide-ranging knowledge of different industries, technologies and markets. Communicating is our business.

Back story

Belinda Gerber has been involved in writing and marketing for more than 25 years in New Zealand, the USA, and Israel – as a journalist, public relations consultant and manager, and as a marketing writer, creative copywriter and marcom manager.

Bringing strategic thinking, creativity, and a commitment to meeting deadlines to every project, Belinda ensures maximum-impact company communications – every time.