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Fast and impressive work for Radware

It's always a pleasure working with Belinda. I worked with her at my previous company and I was eager to bring her onboard at Radware too. We get fast and impressive turnaround of case studies and other marketing materials, and great understanding of all technical products and company messages. She shows real creative understanding of how to portray business cases to make them as compelling as possible.

Natascha Gutmans-Weisbrot Radware December 29, 2016

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Great results for Olista

We are back from 3GSM, which was a great success. The messaging on the booth worked extremely well. People came in and said: so how do you do this? The collateral also went like crazy, everyone took a brochure which is rare at these shows. Thanks for all the hard work and for working overtime to get everything completed.

Natascha Gutmans-Weisbrot Marketing Manager Olista December 29, 2016

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A great show for Kaizen

We had an amazing trade show. The booth, the written materials, the movies and the website communicated real professionalism. You and the rest of the team did great work!

Yoram Gonen CEO Kaizen International Biotech Technologies (MomAssure) December 29, 2016

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Always on time for Visonic

Working with you has always been a pleasure. First of all, you are a lovely person and I always like talking to you. Deadlines are a sacred issue in our business and you always amaze me every time that you promise to deliver and it's in my inbox at the exact date. You are a professional, and very talented – You bring a lot of experience and I know that I can trust what you say. You love what you do and it shows in your work.

Dalit Salman Marcom Team Leader Visonic December 29, 2016

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Smooth and enjoyable work for Visonic

I am very grateful for the excellent work you are doing with us. I do not remember such smooth and enjoyable work with a writer in all my tenure at Visonic.

Lili Butman Corporate Marketing Director Visonic December 29, 2016

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First-rate web writing for Enure

I wanted to personally convey my appreciation to you, for being both a first-rate professional and wonderful to work with. I think the text on our website is first-rate.

Dorron Levy CTO Enure December 29, 2016

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Creative campaign for RAD

The "Honey I Shrunk the Bridge" launch has been quite successful so far. In a short time, we've managed to create lots of customer interest and brand name recognition for the new product/technology and have also generated quality leads. I don't believe we would have been able to come up with a non-technical approach using in-house resources. Your creative slogan stood out among the clutter and also acted as a catalyst for the entire campaign.

Ilan Seidner Director of Marketing Communications RAD Data Communications December 29, 2016